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Pro-Flo EFI Ford 302-347 Stroker

Pro-Flo 3 EFI System Small Block Ford 289/302/347

SKU: TD-3240

Features: Intake manifold, harness, sensors, TBI, fuel rails and program. Tuned port Fuel Injection injects fuel directly into cylinder for more efficient burn.  Pro-Flo 3 EFI System Small Block Ford 289/302/347 Super Victor Four-Barrel Throttle Body Up to 625 HP 35 lb/hr Injectors Tablet NOT Included Satin Finish.

$3,295.00 $3,179.65

Intake manifold, wiring harness, sensors, Throttle Body, tuning software to download

Pro-Flo 3 EFI! Pro-Flo 3 is a step up from the entry level E-Street throttle-body EFI system and offers the ultimate in performance and power with the precise efficiency only a fully sequential port EFI system can deliver. How does a sequential port EFI system differ from a throttle-body style EFI system? A fully sequential port EFI system delivers the fuel into the intake air flow right at the port with an injector for each cylinder, allowing for better fuel atomization and distribution.

Increase Torque and HP Through Driving Range

3220 Pro-Flo Instructions

Fits most Small Block 289, 302, 331 or 347 , 363 Stroker Engines.  Excellent for Carb to EFI Swaps.

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