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The Oberg Tilt Lift has been making engine swaps easy for decades! Features of  our latest model include:

  • Upgraded Steel Components for Greater Strength
  • Up to 1 Ton Capacity
  • Better Control of Cable to Eliminate Possibility of Crossover
  • 45 degree Tilt in Either Direction with Single Hand Operation
  • Mounting Cleats Fasten to Any Engine
  • 3 to 1 Safety Factor (tested up to 6,000 lbs.)
  • Weighs only 4 Lbs. – Compact and Easy to Store
  • New and Improved Powder Coating
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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  • [EASY ENGINE SWAPS] – The Oberg Tilt Lift engine pulling sling allows you to progressively lift and tilt engines up to 90 degrees with a lever that locks into place at the exact angle needed to remove or replace an engine in a car, truck, or boat
  • [PRECISE ALIGNMENT] – Unique take up/let down reel with locking tab to progressively lift and tilt engine 45 degrees in either direction in 1/4″ increments
  • [ONE TON CAPACITY] – 3/16″ diameter aircraft cable rated at 2,000 pounds of tensile strength. 3-to-1 safety load factor – remove both the engine and transmission. More secure than traditional chain hoist/lifting bar accessories
  • [SINGLE HAND USE] – Fully adjustable, lightweight sling alleviates the need for additional muscle – Attach to a shop crane, engine stand/cradle, or cherry picker for quick, easy transitions with one hand. Mounting cleats fasten to any engine
  • [ONE YEAR WARRANTY] – Innovative design made from upgraded steel components for greater strength and a new and improved powder coating. Trusted by custom shops, mechanics, racing teams, and other professional and at-home auto enthusiasts for 30 years