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LS GM Engine Pulley Accessory Kit, Rear Sump pan and Polished Coil Covers

LS GM Engine Swap Pan, Valve Cover and Pulley kit



LS Rear Sump Oil pan

Billet Pulley Kit with  Alternator

LS Chrome Coil Valve covers 


Chrome Coil covers

Serpentine Pulley kit with Alternator

LS Rear Sump Oil Pan Kit

Dress up your LS Engine Bay with these items.

Concept One Serpentine Pulley Kit with Belt and 110 APM Alternator – LSV04M.
(Available with  AC and or P/S)

LS Swap oil pan is low profile, Rear Sump.  Holley  # 302-1

Tall  polished LS coil valve covers make for a clean top end.  141-266K


Fits LS1, LS2 and LS3 Engines.

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