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Edelbrock 4.0 – 4.6 Aluminum Jeep Performer Cylinder Head

Edelbrock 4.0 Jeep Performance Cylinder Head

SKU: TD-50169

This new Aluminum Performer cylinder head is a bolt-on performance upgrade for 1987-2006 Jeeps with 4.0L inline six cylinder engine. Works with 258 I-6 Too. Half the weight of a Factory Iron Head.  Delivers broad power & Torque!!  

***Free Set of ARP Head Bolts.   Black Friday / Cyber Monday  Only.

$1,712.00 $1,660.06

Includes 1 Complete Assembled Aluminum Cylinder Head.

*Includes ARP Cylinder Head Bolts and Washers   *Currently Included with Purchase


This new Performer cylinder head is designed as a bolt-on performance upgrade for 1987-2006 Jeeps with a 4.0L inline six cylinder engine. The Performer Jeep 4.0L is designed with 1991-2006 4.0L intake port locations and must be used with 1991-2006 intake manifold. The Performer Jeep 4.0L is designed with 1991-98 4.0L exhaust port locations and must be used with 1991-98 factory header or aftermarket exhaust header. This cylinder head will also fit 1976-90 AMC 4.2L engines with no modification to the water jacket and the appropriate intake manifold and header combination.

The Performer Jeep cylinder head features all-new better flowing intake/exhaust ports along with a modern combustion chamber design and backcut and swirl polished valves. It retains the stock valve angle, pushrod length and valve cover rail height for use with factory components and off the shelf accessories. It also features larger reinforced rocker bosses for improved strength at high RPM and Heli-Coil® threaded inserts in the manifold bolt holes for added strength. A 3/4″ deck throughout the head also promotes stiffness and durability. This cylinder head is machined to accept either distributor or coil pack ignition.

This cylinder head is pending 50-state emission legal for 4.0L engines when used with factory Fuel Injection components. It’s also pending 50-state emission legal for 4.2L engines when used with a Mopar Fuel Injection Conversion Kit (E.O. Number D-265-21).Lightweight. Works with Factory Rocker Arms – Roller Rocker arms recommended.  Big gain in Torque an Horses!!


  • Combustion chamber volume: 55cc
  • Intake runner volume: 144cc
  • Exhaust runner volume: 77cc
  • Intake valve diameter: 1.91″
  • Exhaust valve diameter: 1.50″
  • Valve stem diameter: 5/16″
  • Valve guides: Manganese bronze
  • Deck thickness: .750″
  • Valve spring diameter: 1.26″
  • Valve spring maximum lift: .540″
  • Rocker stud: N/A
  • Guideplate: N/A
  • Pushrod diameter: N/A
  • Valve angle: 10° (stock)
  • Exhaust port location: Stock (1991-98)
  • Spark plug fitment: 14mm x 3/4 reach, gasket seat


Edelbrock Installation Note INSTALLATION NOTE: Recommended spark plugs: Champion RC12YC or equivalent 14mm x 3/4″ reach with flat gasket seat. Recommended gasket for 4.0L: Edelbrock #7348 or Fel-Pro #26211PT. Deck thickness: 3/4″.

Must be used with 1991-2006 intake manifolds and 1991-98 factory or aftermarket exhaust manifolds, which will require modification to exhaust systems on applications other than 1991-1998.


  1. :

    Can the Factory Exhaust bolt to this Head?

    • :

      Yes it will pending its from the 91-98 4.0 year. Otherwise you will need headers for this. It would sort of defeat the purpose of installing this head unless you have better exhaust flow anyway. Our techs can recommend a set.

  2. :

    So it will fit my 2003 Wrangler with Banks Torque Tube headers properly?

    • :

      The cylinder Head utilizes the’91 through 2006 intake manifold location. The exhaust port it accepts a ’91-98 4.0 version header. So as long as you use the headers based upon these years it will bolt up and work fine.

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1 year 5 months ago

how much is the weight of a bare vs a compöete aluminum head?
I can carry 23kg

1 year 5 months ago

Bare Head Weighs approx. 36lbs. Assembled head which is what we are offering is approx. 42 lbs.