Flex-a-lite Aluminum Radiator and Fan Kits 51160R

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Radiator/Fan Kit, Universal, Aluminum, Natural, 22.50 in. Wide, 18.50 in. High, 7.00 in. Thick, Kit.

Includes:  Radiator and Electric Fan.

Engine Size:  200, 250, 289,  302 , 351w

Engine Family: Ford small block Windsor


1965 – 1985 Ford Mustang
1955 – 1985 Ford Truck
1965 – 2019 Cobra Replica

Flex-a-fit® aluminum radiators made by Flex-a-lite® feature patented sidetank tank technology. The”T” channels offer 130 percent better heat transfer, a durable mounting system for the radiator, electric fan and optional oil cooler or expansion tank. The dual 1-inch all-aluminum radiator core is hand welded in the U.S. to the Flex-a-fit sidetanks. This radiator comes with a Flex-a-lite 15-inch Black Magic S-Blade electric fan with adjustable thermostat controller.

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