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351- 427w Ford Oil Pan Kit

Ford 427w Oil Pan with Pickup Screen Upgrade

SKU: TD-15-680S-Kit

We supply this Kit with the  front sump road race pan and Matching Pickup Screen. Not Just the pan itself, need both together. Setup for Ford 351 Windsor blocks. It has a 9 qt. system capacity, 8″ deep, 12″ wide, 14 ga. Front sump designed with 14 gauge steel for Cobra kit cars. Will work with stock & aftermarket starters. Includes pickup.

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$409.95 $389.00

Front Sump Road Race Oil Pan.

Oil Pickup Tube


Extra Oil Capacity, Keeps Oil Cooler.  Lower Profile protects from oil blowout going over a curve.  Includes Extra Temperature Bung for Oil Temp.  Extra Baffling to keep oil where its supposed to be.

Pan Features:  15-680S
* Diamond Shape Road Race Baffle Assembly With
Four Trap Doors
* Crank Scraper
* Removable Windage/Anti-Slosh Baffle
* 1/2″ NPT Temperature Bung

Oil Screen – 15-661

**Some cases oil screen needs to be bent down to clear in pan.


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